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GPS Antenna - Blue FAKRA

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GPS Antenna with Blue FAKRA Connector for In-Car Use

GPS Antenna - Blue FAKRA

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This GPS antenna features a Blue FAKRA connector as found on many original (OEM) and aftermarket GPS navigation systems. It is ideal if you have lost or damaged the original antenna, or if you are retrofitting a new system and do not have a GPS antenna.

The antenna has a strong magnetic base to allow for easy mounting within the vehicle. The long 3 metre cable provides the opportunity to install the antenna almost anywhere in car.

This is a high performance antenna and will provide excellent GPS reception in your vehicle.

Compatible with:

  • Volkswagen RNS 510 MFD3
  • Volkswagen RNS 500
  • Volkswagen RNS 315
  • Volkswagen RNS 310
  • Volkswagen RNS 300
  • Volkswagen RNS2 MFD2
  • BMW professional I-drive CCC
  • BMW professional  I-drive CIC
  • Skoda RNS 510
  • Skoda Columbus
  • Skoda Amundsen
  • Skoda RNS2 MFD2
  • Seat Mediasystem
  • Seat RNS2 MFD2
  • Audi RNS-E (A3, A4, A6, TT)
  • Audi RNSE-PU (A3)
  • Audi MMI DVD 2G
  • Audi MMI DVD 3G
  • Audi BNS 5.0 low line A3, A4
  • Mercedes Comand APS NTG1
  • Mercedes Comand APS NTG2
  • Mercedes Comand APS NTG2.5
  • Mercedes Comand APS NTG3
  • Mercedes Comand APS NTG4
  • Mercedes Comand APS 50
  • Porsche
  • Vauxhall Opel CD70 Navi
  • Vauxhall Opel DVD90 Navi
  • Vauxhall Opel DVD100 Navi
  • Blaupunkt TravelPilot EX
  • Chrysler, Becker RB3
  • Many more - Any head unit (Original or Aftermarket) with a Blue Fakra GPS Antenna Input

Antenna Specification:

Antenna Centre Frequency:                1575.42±1MHz
Band Width:                                        CF±5MHz
Polarization:                                         RHCP
Gain:                                                    5dBic(Zenith)
V.S.W.R:                                             <1.5
Impedance:                                          50Ω
Axial Ratio:                                           3dB(max)
Dimension:                                           25*25*4mm
Cable:                                                  RG174, 3 Metre Length
Connector:                                           FAKRA Blue
Case Material:                                     ABS
Mounting Method:                               Magnet