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RCA Noise Suppressors

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RCA Noise Suppressors for Aftermarket Head Unit installation into Audi Cars with BOSE/Amplified Speakers

RCA Noise Suppressors

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Our specially designed noise cancelling filters are specifically for installing aftermarket head units with RCA low-level audio outputs into Audi vehicles with the half-amplified, fully amplified or full BOSE speaker systems. The filters contain 4 individual channels to cover all speaker outputs.

The filters will eliminate any electrical/engine/alternator interference which is commonly encountered when installing aftermarket factory-style head units.

These are exactly what is needed if you have installed a head unit and integrated the audio using the RCA audio outputs, but are experiencing a buzz/whine through the speakers.

Installation is a very simple 2 wire connection consisting of a blue wire (labelled AMP-CON, connected to 12v) and a black wire (connected to 0v earth). These connections can be found on the wiring at the rear of all aftermarket car head units.

To determine if these are suitable for your head unit installation please check the RCA audio outputs of your head unit are used for integrating with the original Audi amplifier. If so these will be compatible. If unsure please consult with a qualified installer who can check the head unit installation.