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Dynavin N6-USB-DAB+

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DAB+ Digital Radio Tuner for Dynavin N6 Head Units

Dynavin N6-USB-DAB+

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The Official Dynavin N6 DAB+ Tuner is an advanced Digital Radio receiver for use with Dynavin N6 car multimedia/navigation systems. With this Digital Radio tuner you will be able to pick up available DAB+ radio stations using your Dynavin system. The N6-USB-DAB+ decodes DAB+ radio stations and is suitable for use in the UK and Europe.

The N6-USB-DAB+ is compatible with N6 platform Dynavin units only.



The Dynavin N6-USB-DAB+ allows full integration with the touch screen of your Dynavin system (no other aftermarket DAB tuner will do this). All features including changing channel, programme guide and menu selection can be controlled either via the touch screen of your unit or the existing remote control. If you use any other brand DAB+ receiver with your Dynavin system you will lose the ability to control the DAB menus through the touch screen and would have to integrate via the AUX input. You would not be able to use the plug-and-play power/data cable, and would have to install an additional remote eye and use a different remote control.  


The N6-USB-DAB+ features an exclusive new User Interface designed to match the existing radio interface found on all Dynavin N6 units. Fitting the Dynavin menu system perfectly, the large icons and clear text display make browsing and listening to DAB stations easier than ever.

The N6-USB-DAB+ tuner has been re-designed and is smaller than ever, allowing easy plug-and-play installation into any vehicle with a Dynavin N6 head unit.

The N6-USB-DAB+ includes everything required for a plug-and-play installation alongside your N6 Dynavin head unit. The package includes:

  • 1 x DAB+ USB Module
  • 1 x Plug-and-Play Cable
  • 1 x Windscreen Mount Antenna

The N6-USB-DAB+ uses a high performance active antenna to provide the very best digital audio even when the vehicle is moving; however the quality of sound is highly dependent on local signal strength, so please check before purchase that you have good DAB coverage in your area.


Identifying the Dynavin N6 Platform

DynOS is the exclusive new operating system developed by Dynavin. Designed from the ground up as an in-car multimedia entertainment system, every effort has been made to optimize the system for the mobile environment.

With the DynOS In-car multimedia player its easy to find your favorite songs. Audio files can be sorted by artist, album, song, or folder. A quick-search onscreen keyboard makes jumping to different places in your music collection easy. Thanks to USB 2.0, everything is quick. Scrolling through your playlists and music collection on the touchscreen is as smooth and easy as on a mobile phone.

Running an advanced audio DSP, DynOS enables you to perfectly adjust the audio multiple ways with an adjustable EQ, individual channel delay settings (time alignment), and independent source volume controls.

In dash integration is better than ever with screen brightness controls that can be manually set, controlled by the headlight settings, or automatically dimmed via an ambient light sensor. Various other advanced vehicle integration features are also available depending on the specific vehicle application.

In addition, DynOS makes updating easy. Software updates, improved features, etc... are easily loaded into the unit allowing you to keep your unit up to date and allowing Dynavin to make improvements and add features over time.