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EasyDAB DB-1

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EasyDAB DB-1 Universal Plug-and-Play Digital Radio Adapter

EasyDAB DB-1


The EasyDAB DB-1 is a revolutionary new product from established UK brand EasyDAB that is designed to allow users to listen to DAB/DAB+ radio channels in their car through the vehicles original FM radio.


The EasyDAB DB-1 is the world's first plug-and-play DAB tuner which includes a high performance glass-mount active antenna, which provides unrivalled reception quality.    


Unlike other more expensive DAB tuners on the market, the EasyDAB DB-1 is unique in that is requires no professional installation and simply plugs into the cigar lighter socket of your car car/van/truck. It is truly a plug-and-play fully universal product, compatible with any radio (factory fitted or aftermarket) in 12v and 24v vehicles.          


The EasyDAB DB-1 is the easiest, most cost-effective way to upgrade your vehicle to DAB+ Digital Radio in preparation for the Digital Switchover.




How does the EasyDAB DB-1 work?


The EasyDAB DB-1 is a universal DAB receiver that connects directly to the cigar lighter socket of your car. The inbuilt display and integrated 2-button with 'Twist-Knob' controls are used to scan and select DAB radio stations, which are displayed on the 1.5" LCD screen of the unit. Operation is very easy and safe to do whilst driving.          


Audio from the DB-1 can be transferred to the cars stereo in one of two ways. The inbuilt FM transmitter will allow for wireless streaming, which you can then tune in to any available FM frequency on the car radio and store as a pre-set. The DB-1 will even transmit the DAB station name by RDS, which can be displayed on a compatible car radio display. Alternatively, the DB-1 also has an AUX output which you can connect directly to the vehicles AUX input if available using the supplied 3.5mm audio cable.          


The included active DAB antenna connects to a port on the side of the unit and is designed to be mounted on the vehicles wind screen. The antenna cable can be routed behind pillar or dash trim panels so that minimal cable is on show. The antenna can then be left fixed in the vehicle, but the main DB-1 could be removed from the cigar lighter socket if required. The DB-1  is a truly plug-and-play product and requires no professional installation. It is the most cost effective way of listening to DAB radio in your vehicle.




  •  Wirelessly stream DAB Digital Radio stations to  any existing car radio through FM transmission                
  •  “Quick Scan” function easily finds the next  available DAB station                   
  •  Display the DAB radio station name on your original car radio using RDS                 
  •  DAB/FM functions are neatly combined in a single  plug-and-play unit                     
  •  AUX Output function allows you to connect directly  to the cars AUX Input (where available)                  
  •  An integrated 2.1A USB charging port allows you  to charge your mobile phone whilst driving                 
  •  Plug-and-Play - Simply connects to the car cigar  lighter socket                 
  • Flexible ‘Goose Neck’ design provides position  flexibility to suit all cars and drivers


  • DAB Frequency Range: DAB Band III 174-240 MHz                  
  • FM Transmission Range: 87.6-107.9 MHz                
  • 3.5mm AUX Output connection – compatible with your cars 3.5mm AUX input if available                  
  • 38mm x 22mm backlit LED display                 
  • USB Charging Output: 5V/2.1A                         
  • Compatible with any 12 volt or 24 volt vehicles




Installation is a very simple process involving plugging the DB-1 into the cars cigar lighter socket, and mounting the self-adhesive DAB antenna on the windscreen. A detailed installation guide for correct antenna positioning is supplied. For a more discrete installation some users prefer to run the DAB antenna cable and tuck it behind parts of the dash/pillars, so that the antenna is barely visible. The antenna cable is detachable from the main unit, so that the DB-1 can be removed from the car or hidden from view, but the antenna can be left in position.